i am 9 years old. my sister made this account for me becuase i liked all of the " Meme's ' she was looking at.



my liFe

my  sUmmer

my   Channel

my    Kandy

F                      U                 C                k!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D


1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm THE KEYBORD!

bite me

bite me bite bite bite me infect me with your rabies i will make your babies. any likers?

not finished yet    50% anthony making 50% gabby making

the wrong name

girl Oh na na say my name boy ashley… girl F U!


hippie dippie Hey dude want 1 dollar? RIPP frick you! >:-(

the attack of toyland

an fricking age ago a little boy named pee pee

came to town. What a buttmunch he was. until a toy (nuttcruncher) came and yelled “the british are coming!” and crunched his nutt sack. A toy plane gave the boy a black eye yippe  the toys all chered!

awsome games

1 need for speed underground

2 need for speed hot pursuit 2

3 need for speed carbon

4 the simpsons hit & run

5 the simpsons game

6 kingdom hearts 2

7 kingdom hearts

8 little big planet

9 kingdom hearts birth by sleep


its life

my name is anthony sabler but wait im a loser well gabby says so :-{